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Toll free numbers are the convenient and cost-effective way of callers contacting you. Today, virtually everyone has a toll free number. Do you?

Find the right toll free service for your calling needs!

Carrier Benefits Info Order
Kall8 Stand alone toll free service. Inexpensive, instantly programmable "follow-me-anywhere" toll free feature. Info Order
iTelecenter Transformed the way you do business with the award-winning iTeleCenter(tm); Virtual Phone system Info Order
PowerNet Global Stand along toll free service or combine with long distance service. Great quality and value. Info Order
Pioneer Telephone Combined toll free and long distance service conveniently billed on one invoice. Info Order
AccuDial Stand alone toll free service and convenient dial-around service with no need to dial 10-10 numbers. Info Order
Covista Communications Combined toll free and long distance service conveniently billed on one invoice. Great service for your home or small business. Info Order
Opex Combined toll free and long distance service conveniently billed on one invoice. Low rates.  Info Order


Why have a toll free phone number?

  • Encourages Action - A caller is much more likely to call a toll free number because the cost of a toll free call is borne by the toll free number owner, not the caller.

  • Convenient - Simply dial a phone number. No need to dial additional digits as with a phone card.

  • Cost Effective - With their discount rates, toll free numbers are much cheaper than collect calls and phone cards.

  • Control - Since you determine where your toll free number rings, you direct where the caller may call. With phone cards, for example, employees may call unauthorized phone numbers at the company's expense.

Years ago, only large companies could afford toll free numbers. However, today, thanks to every-day discount rates, toll free numbers are not just for "big business." They are for anyone who is in business. Small and home-based businesses can also enjoy the "big-business" benefits of inbound toll free telephone service.

Why have a toll free phone number for your business?

  • Current customers and clients

  • Prospective customers and clients

  • Colleagues

  • Suppliers and vendors

  • Field employees

Residential customers can also enjoy the convenience and savings of having a toll free telephone number. Allow far-away friends and family members to call without racking up expensive collect call or phone card charges.

Why have a toll free number for your home?

  • Traveling family members

  • Sons and daughters calling home from camp or the mall

  • Sons and daughters away at college

  • Out-of-town relatives

Special Note: In order to receive toll free service, the majority of  companies require you to also switch your long distance service. As a result, if you desire only toll free service, the number of options are limited. Therefore, in order to have a wider variety of choices, you might want to consider also switching your long distance service.


Do I need an additional phone line for a toll free number? 

No, a toll free number can ring on an existing phone line. The existing phone number is referred to as the toll free number's "ring to number."

What is the difference between a toll free number and an 800 number?

In the past, toll free numbers were referred to as "800 numbers." However, due to their popularity, other prefixes have been added. Now, toll free numbers also include numbers that begin with 888, 877 and 866. These newer prefixes operate in every way the same as an "800 number."

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