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Telephony Services

Internet telephony services offer outstanding value for long distance calls. Telephony services allows you to place long distance calls to anywhere at low rates.

What are internet telephony services?

Internet telephony services allow you to use the internet to communicate as though you were using a telephone system. (While the sound quality of some services rivals that of a telephone system, sound quality of telephony services can vary.)

Why use an internet telephony service?

Telephony calls can be a very inexpensive way to place long distance calls, particularly international long distance calls.

What are the major types of telephony service?

Computer-to-computer: With computer to computer calls both parties are connected to the internet. Utilizing a computer sound card, each party speaks into a microphone and listens with speakers or headphones.

Computer-to-telephone: The calling party, who has access to the internet and is utilizing telephony software, can place a call to a telephone anywhere in the world. The calling party listens through speakers or headphones and speaks into a microphone connected to a sound card in his/her computer. The receiving party uses an ordinary telephone.

Telephone-internet-telephone: The calling party uses an ordinary telephone to call a special phone number. The phone signal is converted and transmitted across the internet to its destination. There, the call is connected to the local telephone system and received by the receiving party on an ordinary telephone.

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iConnectHere broadband internet phone service

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