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Phone cards are the easy and economical way to stay in touch when away from home of the office. Anyone who places local or long distance calls -- employees, travelers, college students, etc -- would benefit from having a calling card.

Phone cards allow you to have peace of mind that you can place a phone call at any time or place. Calling cards work from any touch-tone telephone (payphone, hotel, cell, etc).

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There are two types of phone cards: prepaid and non-prepaid.

Prepaid - With prepaid phone cards, you pay for the call time before it is used. Cards are normally sold in specific dollar denominations. Talk time will vary depending upon the location called. Some of the advantages of prepaid calling cards include:

  • Fast - Select prepaid calling cards service offer to email PINS and dialing instructions within one business day of purchase.

  • Control - Prepaid telephone cards are great for budgeting since you control how much is spent. There is no bill with surprises at the end of the month.

Non-prepaid - With non-prepaid (or monthly billed) phone cards, you are billed for calls after the fact. Normally, non-prepaid phone card usage is automatically charged once a month to a designated credit card. Some of the advantages of non-prepaid calling cards include:

  • Continuous talk time - Monthly-billed phone cards have virtually unlimited talk time. You won't run out of time in the middle of a call.

  • Convenience - No need to continually purchase more telephone cards because time ran out.

  • No Expiration - Since non-prepaid phone cards do not expire, you will not lose money on unused minutes.

  • Call Detail Reporting - Non-prepaid telephone cards provide an account record of all of your calls.

Since no one phone card is right for everyone, we offer a variety of companies. However, given the number of phone cards, finding the right service to meet your call needs can be difficult. That's way we created our Phone Card Rate Calculator. The calculator ranks the various phone cards according to the lowest cost to the location you would like to call. Use the calculator to find the phone card that is best for your calling needs!

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