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Covista long distance service

Covista (formerly Capsule) offers discount long distance and toll free service to residential and business customers. Covista offers particularly low instate long distance rates to customers in the Northeast, where Covista can utilize their own carrier network.

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Plan Details
Eligibility: residential & business customers who have a Regional Bell company for local phone service
Account Set-up Fee: none
Account Monthly Fee: $1.99  (fee waived with usage of $20 or more or if an autopay customer)
Interstate Rate: 3.9
Instate Rates: click here
International Rates: click here
Billing Increment: 6 seconds
Rates Effective: all day, every day
Optional Services
Toll Free Service: only offered to long distance customers
Toll Free Set-Up Fee: $2 per number
Toll Free Monthly Fee: none
Toll Free Rate: instate and interstate rates same as for long distance service
Calling Card Set-up Fee: $2 per card
Calling Card Monthly Fee: none
Calling Card Rate: 10 per minute
Payphone Fee: 35
Contract Term: none
USF Fee: 9.75%
PICC Fee: $0 for residential accounts; $4.31 per line for business accounts
Switching Fee Creidt: yes (send copy of local invoice containing switching fees)
Billing Options: mailed paper invoice or online
Payment Options: check or credit card
Additional Information
Covista long distance service is only available to customers who have a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) as their local phone service provider. Regional Bell companies include Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic and Nynex), SBC, Ameritech, Bell South and Qwest (formerly US West). If your local phone service is not provided by a Regional Bell company, you are ineligible for Covista long distance. If your phone number is eligible for Covista service, you may call anywhere across the country or around the world and receive Covista's low everyday rates.

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