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Long Distance
Traditional, direct-dial switched long distance service for residential and small business customers.

Long Distance Service

Toll Free Numbers
Whether for home or business, toll free numbers are a great way to stay in touch. They are cheaper than you think.

Toll Free Numbers

Bundled Service
Bundled phone service Bundled service offers the convenience of combining local and long distance phone service on one phone bill. Choose from plans offering popular local phone features such as caller ID, call waiting, etc.
Dedicated Service
Dedicated T1 serviceDo you need dedicated data, voice or integrated service for your business? Receive real-time T1 price quotes from multiple providers.
Dial Arounds
Dial-around long distance serviceMake long distance calls without switching your long distance carrier. Use for domestic and international calls.
Unlimited / Flat-rate
Unlimited flat-rate phone serviceMake unlimited calls for one low monthly fee. Choose from long distance and bundled plans.
Phone Cards
Phone cardsPhone cards are a popular way of placing phone calls. Choose from prepaid and monthly-billed cards.
Conference Calls
Telephone conference callsKeep in touch with conference calling. Connect with people across the country or around the world. For business and family use.
Wireless / Cellular
Cellular phone serviceEasily compare features of plans available in your area. Choose from multiple plans, many offering free phones.
Voice Messaging
Voice messagingManage calls and faxes effectively. Retrieve messages at your convenience.
Telephone broadband phone servicePlace phone calls over the internet. Enjoy the savings and convenience of a broadband phone.
Internet Services
Internet access and domain registrationInternet access services that are half the price of AOL. Register your own domain name.

Telephone conference calls

PowerNet Global long distance

Opex long distance

Toll free internet access

T1 dedicated phone service

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