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Telephone Dial Around Services

Dial around services allow you to take advantage of discount long distance rates without switching your current long distance carrier. When you use a dial around service, you place calls by bypassing your current carrier. (Hence, the name "dial around.") 

A Dial Around Service Add Flexibility

Because you do not have to give up your current long distance carrier when you sign up for a dial around service, you can still place direct-dial long distance calls. Therefore, you can use your direct-dial service or your dial around service for particular call depending upon which service offers the lower rate. 

For example, let's say your current long distance carrier offers a low state-to-rate rate but a high rate to France. With a dial around service, you could use your direct-dial long distance provider for state-to-state calls and use your dial around service for calls to France. 

How Does A Dial Around Service Work?

With most dial around services, you must first dial a toll free phone number to access the system. Then, enter your Personalized Identification Number (PIN), followed by the destination phone number. However, some dial arounds provide the time-saving feature of not having to enter your PIN when calling from a registered phone line. 

Compare Dial Around Rates and Features

No one dial around services offers the lowest rates to all locations. Therefore, it is important to find the service that offers the lowest rates to the locations you call the most. Compare rates and features and select the service that is best for your calling needs. 

Quickly Compare Dial Around Rates and Features

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