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Discount Conference Calls

Conference calls are the convenient way to bring people together. With a conference call, you can communicate with multiple people at the same time. Whether they are across the country or around the world, you can stay in touch. 

Have important news to communicate with field employees? Business can save money on travel costs with conference calls. They are a great way to conduct meetings without all of the expense of bring field employees to a single location. 

The conference call services were originally designed for remote business meetings. However, they are not just for businesses any more. Families can also take advantage of the savings that conference calls provide to "bring together" relatives in multiple locations.

UltraConference telephone conferencing UltraConference Flat rate - FREE International Access Outstanding on-demand fully automated service available anytime without reservations and lots of features such as free call recording, free call scheduling, live call-in web control and more. Great security features!
CogniConference telephone conferencing CogniConference 9.9˘ per minute rate. CogniConference™ is designed for both business and personal/family use. The system is perfect for board or business meetings or even getting together for the holiday. No reservations necessary!

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